#PayFLCoaches was the rallying cry that started the largest grassroots coaches movement in the history of Florida.


On December 2022, Dr. Andrew Ramjit, the County Athletic Director of Brevard Public Schools wanted to create change. Just like a majority of other school districts in Florida, Brevard was witnessing numerous coaches leaving the profession due to low wages. Dr. Ramjit created the Twitter Account "Florida Coalition for Higher Coaching Salaries" and wrote a tweet addressing his concerns. The tweet was immediately went viral and in a matter of days accumulated over 500,000 impressions, 500 retweets, and media coverage all across the country. One of media outlets that picked up on the tweet was Football Scoop, who published an article highlighting the movement. James Thomson, Head Football Coach of Winter Haven High School was of the thousands who came across the Football Scoop Article.






As a former high school football standout and state championship coach, Coach Thomson was forced to leave the coaching profession in Florida due to low wages. After nearly a decade away from coaching in Florida, with stops at UCLA and high schools in Georgia, Coach Thomson had weeks before accepted the job at Winter Haven. Coach Thomson knew this was a cause worth of supporting because he felt firsthand the implication of low wages in the coaching profession could have on individuals and their families.

Together, Dr. Ramjit and Coach Thomson formed the

Florida Coaches Coalition.

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James thomson

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dR. andrew ramjit